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Active for Life - Increasing Physical Activity Levels in Adults Age 50 and Older!
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The OASIS InstituteThe OASIS Institute

Active for Life program contact:

Marcia Kerz

OASIS eNews (news for OASIS Members and Friends)

The OASIS Institute is implementing the Active Living Every Day program through three of its Centers: Pittsburgh, St. Louis and San Antonio. Working with local community partners including Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Lutheran Senior Services, Warm Springs Rehabilitation System, City of San Antonio, YMCAs of San Antonio and the Hill Country, Allegheny County Area Agency on Aging, Vintage Senior Community Center and Brashear Association, OASIS is focusing on mid-life and older, middle-income adults, African American and Hispanic individuals.

“Implementing Active Living Every Day in three OASIS cities has given us great opportunities to build a strong team and regularly share techniques that work well and those that were not as successful. Each OASIS site has had different experiences in recruitment, retention and sustainability that offer new ideas and strategies to improve the project,” says Marcia Kerz, project director and president of The OASIS Institute.

The OASIS Institute, headquartered in St. Louis, is a national nonprofit educational organization designed to enhance the quality of life for mature adults. Offering challenging programs in the arts, humanities, wellness, technology and volunteer service, OASIS creates opportunities for older adults to continue their personal growth and provide meaningful service to the community.

OASIS is a public-private partnership that serves more than 350,000 members age 50+ through a national network of centers in 26 cities throughout the United States. Primary centers are in May Company department stores, which provide specially designed spaces with offices, volunteer space and classrooms, to create a comfortable setting where members can relax and meet people with similar interests. Additional programs are offered in other community locations.

Local partners such as health care institutions, nonprofit agencies, May Company stores, banks, businesses, foundations and individuals provide financial support.

Grantee Contact Info

The OASIS Institute
7710 Carondelet Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63105

Phone: (314) 862-2933
Fax: (314) 862-2149

Active for Life National Program Office | SRPH Building | 1266 TAMU | College Station, TX 77843-1266
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