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Stanford Prevention Research Center

Stanford Prevention Research CenterThe Stanford Prevention Research Center (SPRC) is an interdisciplinary research program involving several departments in the School of Medicine at Stanford University. The mission of the SPRC is to be at the forefront of improving population health through interdisciplinary research focusing on the determinants of chronic disease and on the development and dissemination of innovative chronic disease prevention strategies.

The center conducts problem-focused research, using mainly experimental methods, to test and disseminate disease prevention and control programs. The SPRC involves collaboration among a broad array of health professionals and social and behavioral scientists sharing public health and population perspectives in planning and conducting research.

Active Choices, one of the Active for Life interventions, was developed at the Stanford Prevention Research Center.

For more information, including both a process and an outcome evaluation, go to

Stanford Contact Info

Stanford Prevention Research Center
Stanford University School of Medicine
Hoover Pavilion, Room N229
211 Quarry Road
Stanford, California

Phone: 650-723-6254
Fax: 650-725-6906

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